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Fostering the employability of newly graduates

What is OUT-DOOR?

OUT-DOOR – Blended Outdoor Learning is an Erasmus+ project, created for fostering the employability of newly graduates.


Within Europe, a growing number of people need to update and improve their knowledge, skills and competences to fill the gap between their formal education and training and the needs of a fast-changing society and labour market. For this reason, the OUT-DOOR project aims at developing a training program based on outdoor learning methodologies to create an alternative.

What is OUT-DOOR project

What are the three pillars of this project?

Natural Connection in Education

This program focuses on bridging the gap between formal education and the needs of the labor market by incorporating outdoor learning methodologies. The idea is to provide students who are about to graduate with an alternative and attractive platform for personal and professional development. By participating in activities outside the classroom, students will discover their strengths and talents, improve their interpersonal skills and increase their self-esteem, thus preparing them more effectively for the world of work.

Skills of the Future

The project seeks to equip students with key skills that complement their technical knowledge acquired during their studies. By integrating the European educational frameworks LifeComp, DigComp and GreenComp, the program aims to foster critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the certification of skills obtained in outdoor activities and the implementation of micro-credentials, experiential learning is validated and students are provided with a set of competencies demanded in today’s job market.


To validate the project curriculum, pilots will be conducted locally, combining online training with outdoor activities, allowing participants to explore the main topics of the training materials. In addition, an international pilot will allow selected participants to travel to the Azores and immerse themselves in an intensive training activity. This event will bring together teachers, students and researchers from all the entities involved in the project for 5 days.


OUT-DOOR is an European project that includes as partners organisations experts in the fields of education and training from five different countries.

Co-Funded by the European Union

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